2015   Gallery G44,  Colorado Springs, CO

2008-2010  Rembrandt Yard,  Boulder, CO
2007   Exhibitrek Contemporary Gallery,  Boulder, CO
           Gallery Show:  "CoExistence"    March 16- May 5
2006   Exhibitrek Contemporary Gallery,  Boulder,  CO
2006   The Pikes Peak Center Juried Exhibition,  Colorado Springs, CO
2005   Culture Clash Gallery,    Salida,  CO

2005   Deloney/Newkirk Gallery,  Santa Fe, N.M.

2005   Cogswell Gallery,  Colorado Springs,  CO

2005   The Caldera Gallery,   Guffey,  CO

2004   Cogswell Gallery,   Colorado Springs, CO

2004   Deloney/Newkirk Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M.

2003   Cogswell Gallery,  Guffey, CO

2002   The Cogswell Gallery;   Colorado Springs,  CO

2002   Gallery Nine Contermporary Art;  Denver, CO

2001   The Abend Gallery,  Denver, CO

2001   The River Rock Gallery;  Colorado Springs,  CO

1998   Gallery Sofia George,  Denver,  CO

1996   The Brigritte Schluger Gallery,  Denver,  CO

1995   The Brigritte Schluger Gallery,  Denver,  CO

1995   The Lightside Gallery,   Santa Fe,  N.M.

1995   The Como No Gallery,  Santa Fe,  N.M.

1994   The Brigritte Schluger Gallery,  Santa Fe N.M.

1994   Gallery Ten O Five,  Colorado Springs,  CO

1992   The Brigritte Schluger Gallery,   Denver,  CO

1992   Roby Mill Gallery,  Colorado Springs,  CO

1991   The Brigritte Schluger Gallery,  Denver, CO

1991   The Adobe Wall Gallery,  Lake City,  CO

1990   Brigritte Schluger Gallery,  Denver, CO

1990   The Retrospective Gallery,  La Jolla,  CA

1990   The Artworks Gallery,   Colorado Springs, CO

1990   The Ice House Invitational Show,  Denver,  CO

1989   Sangre De Christo Art Cemter.  "Own Your Own Show",  Pueblo Colorado


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